I had a trader complain to me about my recent post, “Am I Alone?”. In essence he said, “Your blog is supposed to be about short term trading – leave the politics to the politicians”.

My answer to him, and to the whole world is: “Trading requires free markets, and free markets can only exist in an environment of freedom. As a trader, it is not only my right, it is my duty, to do whatever I can to protect the freedom of the markets I trade.”

I am only one little guy – but if I can get two others to act – and those two each get two others to act – etc. We can change things. If we sit back on our fat rear-ends and do nothing – then we probably do not deserve the freedom that is being taken from us. One day soon, if we do not accept that freedom may be a right – but rights come with responsibilities. Neglect your responsibilities and you can lose your rights.

Damn, I really hope that I am not alone!


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