TradeStation RMI Package

Thank you for purchasing the TradeStation RMI package. Your deliverables consist of:

  1. Two Easylanguage files:
    • One for the RMI.
    • One for other custom indicators.
  2. Instructions for installing and using the RMI in TradeStation.
  3. Instructions for installing and using the custom indicator in TradeStation.
  4. A complimentary copy of our eBook, Trading Between the Lines.
  5. A copy of the workspace we use in trading which includes weekly, daily, three intra-day, and a single tick chart. Also included is a Time and sales window and a Radar Screen. This will save a large amount of time positioning and sizing windows in your workspace.

We cannot promise individual product support – we tried very hard to cover everything you need to know in the instructions, and we are giving you an E-Book about how to use the indicator.

Direct questions to

Good luck with your trading!

Philip Elrod

Richardson, Texas