The Basic RMI Package

Thank you for purchasing the Basic RMI package. Your deliverables consist of:

  1. Instructions for creating, plotting and interpreting the RMI
  2. A complimentary copy of our eBook, Trading Between the Lines.


We cannot promise individual product support – we tried very hard to cover everything you need to know in the instructions, and we are giving you an E-Book about how to use the indicator.

A few words about security price charting software:

There are a large number of charting programs available – some are free, and some are costly. We cannot assure you that you will be able to plot the RMI correctly in all of such programs, especially the cheaper ones.

The RMI oscillators are plotted in the same window as the price bars but without axis value – meaning that each oscillator must move from top to bottom of the chart over the specified number of bars displayed.

We have tested MetaStock, and aside from a wasted portion of chart space at the top and bottom of the chart, it appears to plot correctly.

TD Ameritrade technical support told us that their ThinkorSwim platform is capable of correctly plotting the RMI. The same for E-Signal.

If your software cannot perform this relatively simple function, I would suggest that you should consider upgrading your charting platform. I have been using TradeStation and plotting the RMI for more than twenty years.

You can have access to TradeStation’s considerable charting capabilities by opening an account. It is possible to do so for a small account balance.

Markets move from support to resistance, and vice versa. Knowing in advance where those lines of support and resistance are is a significant trading advantage – especially to a short-term trader.

I trade FOREX routinely, and the accuracy of the SRVs the RMI produces never ceases to amaze me – after twenty years of using them.

Good luck in your trading!

Phil Elrod

Richardson, Texas