See the Music of the Market

bookcover_music of the market

This eBook describes the unique trading method that is described in See the Music of the Market hard copy, but is an earlier version intended to be read on the computer. This eBook version uses many charts with a black background, and they do not print well. Also, the many trading examples are different than those used in See the Music of the Market hard copy, as it was published after this eBook. If you are a novice trader, or just starting to dabble in securities trading, this eBook is for you. If you prefer a hard copy there is a link in the SHOP to Amazon, where you may obtain one.

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Trading Between the Lines

Trading between the lines

This eBook describes and illustrates the unique trading method that is Trading Between the Lines (TBL). Currently the securities markets are very volatile – making short-term trading all the more desirable. The unique methods employed in the TBL system for short-term trading are easy to understand and follow. The instructions in this comprehensive trading manual are extensive, detailed and can be employed by traders of many different experience levels and suitable for reading on the computer or printing. If you trade FOREX, futures or stocks, you need to know about the TBL trading system.

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Basic Technical Analysis

btbook_basic technical analysis

A basic course for the trader with limited experience in security price charting and technical analysis. The course includes an extensive discussion of security price chart interpretation and detailed information about most of the technical indicators used in the Trading Between the Lines method of short-term trading. An excellent primer for those traders relatively new to price charts and technical indicators who desire to expand their knowledge.

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