History of the RMI

Who is Philip Elrod?

Hi, I am Philip Elrod, and I have been trading securities for more than thirty years. In the early days, I had to create my price charts manually. In the late 1980s, PC programs became available, and price charts could be created and updated with end-of-day data.

By the mid-1900s, Windows became the preferred PC operating system, and it could handle graphics much better than DOS.

Philip Elrod

An extremely successful Texas trader developed the original RMI for his personal trading platform. It worked very well, but he wanted to transition his system to a more graphics-friendly Windows operating system. 

At the time, I was employed by Windows on Wallstreet, a Texas company that had developed highly respected security charting software. Ultimately, the company was purchased by TradeStation. 

I spent a full week with this brilliant trader and learned his unique system which used about six technical indicators. We completed the project successfully and that trader gave me his blessing to use and improve his personal system. 

One of the six indicators would eventually become the RMI; and, that indicator became “my best friend forever”.
The RMI is composed of two oscillators plotted over the price bars. The RMI is one of the most powerful and unique indicators I have ever used. 

The time and effort spent on learning how to use this indicator is well spent. The RMI provides the trader with essential information regarding future price movement. It projects future support and resistance values that are most likely to affect price oscillations with a high degree of accuracy. 

Previously, we have allowed only a limited number of TradeStation clients to use the RMI. Now, we want to make the RMI available to all traders wishing to sharpen their trading skills. 

We sincerely believe that every trader will benefit from the RMI. The RMI is a generic system that can be adapted to almost any quality charting software. A TradeStation version is available for immediate implementation. We are making this valuable tool available for a modest cost. 

Learn to use the RMI and you can significantly improve your chances of making more profitable trades.


The RMI might just be the last and most effective trading tool you will ever have to buy.

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