History of the RMI

Who is Philip Elrod?

Hi, I am Philip Elrod, and I have been trading securities for more than thirty years. In the early days, I had to create my price charts manually. In the late 1980s, PC programs became available, and price charts could be created and updated with end-of-day data.

By the mid-1900s, Windows became the preferred PC operating system, and it could handle graphics much better than DOS.

Philip Elrod

I discovered a local company producing a security charting program named Windows on WallStreet. I was so intrigued by their product that I persuaded them to hire me as a tech support representative. A few years later, TradeStation Securities acquired Windows on Windows.

During my time at Windows on WallStreeet, I became friends with an extremely successful futures trader who wanted to move his DOS-based system to the Windows platform. I agreed to come to his home and help him with the transition of his trading system.

I spent a week working to create his system in Windows. He used about six technical indicators, almost all of which he customized to his particular trading method.

One of those indicators would become “my best friend.” I eventually named it the “RMI.”

The RMI is composed of two oscillators plotted over the price bars. Visual interpretation of this indicator is required, and that takes a bit of practice and learning. However, it is well worth the time and effort. The RMI is one of the most powerful and unique indicators I ever used. The RMI provides essential information regarding future price movement, including future support and resistance values that are most likely to affect price oscillations.

I have always considered the RMI a special gift from my friend. I have allowed a few TradeStattion users access to this indicator. But I have never before revealed everything about the RMI as I am doing now.

I think every trader deserves the info the RMI provides.  You can now have access to the RMI, a generic system adaptable to most quality charting software, or a version for TradeStation. We are making it available for only a modest cost. Practice and learn the RMI, and you will improve your chances of profitable trading.


The RMI might just be the last and most effective trading tool you will ever have to buy.

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