While relaxing during my long week-end mini-vacation, I mused on the individual trader versus the market. It is truly a David versus Goliath matchup. As small guys, we are outgunned in just about every aspect. We do not trade in sufficient quantity to move a market and we do not have the research and analysis capabilities to make any reasonable predictions of market movement. It definitely begs the question; “Why do we think that we can make any money trading?” The answer to that question is complex and changes from time to time.

I have been involved with trading for a long time and except for my time working in the trading software industry – mostly as an individual trader. I do not presume to have the definitive answers to all trading questions – but I have opinions on just about all aspects of trading. So I am going to make my opinions known in a regular (mostly) posting under the all new category of Worm’s Eye View – a commentary devoted to providing a perspective from the viewpoint of the little guy. Trading can be a lonely business – so I am going to try to provide a little companionship for all those lonely traders out there and hopefully make them feel that they are not completely alone against the behemoth of the market.

I also welcome you to make your comments known as well. And ask questions – no one knows everything about this crazy business we have chosen to pursue. Together we can communicate and perhaps each other a little bit.


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