Trump is getting a raw deal from the leftist media, the entire democratic party, too many republicans, many federal bureaucrats, even some of his former insiders, such as Stephen Bannon.

In my opinion it is tragic that, so many line up to try to stop Trump in his efforts to bring real change to the way Washington does business. For too many years the federal government has spent too much money – much of it wasted. And the American taxpayers have had to foot the bill.

The federal government has also created far too many regulations and raised tax levels on business to stifling levels. Now that Trump is making efforts – and progress – to change that, the bureaucrats are yelling their heads off. They are blatantly placing their own personal welfare before that of the country; I hope Trump is successful in firing as many of these parasites as possible during his administration.

I think that the average American, who loves this country and what it stands for, is getting fed up with the cesspool that is the Washington bureaucracy.

One of the truly great world leaders, Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain, famously said, “The problem withy socialism, is that pretty soon you run out of other people’s money.”

We did that a long time ago, but Washington, guided by the FED (the central bank) discovered the power of the printing press.

Now we are up to our eyeballs in debt, and the bureaucrats scream “foul” every time Trump tires to stop any of their stupid spending programs.

I truly hope that there are enough of us out there that knows what Trump is trying to do and will re-elect him – and get rid of some of the Democratic Party’s mindless socialists in themed term elections this year.

I was not a big fan of “The Donald” initially – I thought that his ego was too big to fit into the Whitehouse. Turns out I was wrong – and I am proud to admit it. In fact, I think that only a guy with his ego would be strong enough to take on the media, the Dumbercrats (that is not a miss-spelling!), some Republicans who seem to be closet Democrats, the federal bureaucracy, and a few dissidents in his own staff – and remain faithful to his promise to America to make it great again!

And now they want to declare him insane? Support him, America – he may just be our last hope for our way of life to survive the leftist assault.



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