Do the SRVs I use in my trading really help me “See the Music of the Market”?

One of my favorite futures contracts that I trade regularly is the 10 year US Bond – a highly liquid market with more than two million contracts of open interest and nearly one million trades per day.

The figure shown below is my primary intra- day 15000 ticks per bar chart for July 12, 2013, of the 10 year US Bond. The SRVs – those horizontal lines – were added to the chart the previous Sunday, July 7.

It is very easy to see the advantage I have in predicting the future price movement during the trading week of July 8 through 12. Price tends to oscillate upward and downward between the SRVs even while trending upward most of the week.

Even the “Bernanke Boom” started and ended in the area of an SRV on Wednesday, July 10.

With a few other indicators that tell me which SRV is most likely to cause price to turn temporarily I am in a good position to find a profitable trade.

See the Music of the Market – and trade like a pro!


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See the Music of the Market

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