In our opinion a system is absolutely necessary to be a successful securities trader. Any system usually beats no system at all – a lousy system can be improved upon over time. Without some form of a system in place you have no basis from which to start improving.

Anyone can create their own system – and many people do. However, it will likely save you a great deal of time – and money – if you start with a good system. After becoming proficient with a system, you can start making little tweaks here and there to improve performance. The markets do change over time – and a good trading system will need to be tweaked now and then to maintain top performance. This is why I avoid black box systems – which are systems you buy and use without having any idea what they are really doing – they just tell you when to buy and when to sell.

A good trading system that you fully understand is the preferable way to trade as far as I am concerned. And, in my experience, most traders fail because they do not follow a system – even when they have one available – they try to “out think” the market. Reminds me of the ‘ole western gunfighter wannabes – always trying to outdrawn the faster gun. Boot hill is full of them. Get yourself a good trading system – and avoid winding up in “trader’s boot hill”. TBL is not only a good trading system, it easily adapts to market changes and trader’s individual preferences.


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