I have been trading for a long time, so all my friends know I follow the markets. I am always being asked, “Where is this market heading”? The short answer I usually give is, “I have no idea – at least in the short run”. Some will press me about what I mean by “in the short run”. For those that are really interested and willing to listen I tell them the following: Markets are a combination of value and time. Knowing what the value at the present time is easy – knowing the value tomorrow, next week, next year or later impossible. Time is the problem. It is not enough to know what is likely to happen, one must also have a good idea of when it is going to happen. The whole world’s financial situation is in chaos to one degree or another. Fiat money is used by all – and fiat money has NEVER been anything but an eventual failure every time it was adopted! The keyword is eventual. So you want to know what is going to happen to the US Dollar – it is going to become worthless! Damn, if only I knew WHEN!


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