Finally finished the video you can view if you are so inclined by clicking on the following link

Now if we could just get Washington fixed – well, make that patched up. Those clowns are simply going to kick the can down the road and we will have to go through the whole scenario again in a few months. It would be laughable, but it really screws up the markets and adds additional risk to short term trading.

Trading is risky enough without the hoopla in Washington keeping the market on edge. At least I can say that our system has performed well during this period of political turmoil – more often than not telling us to stay out of the market.

But the biggest thing about taking the time off to do the video is that we simply missed trading. We trade for fun as much as for profit – and it was not easy being out of the market for such a long time.

So tomorrow we start to work again – probably in the US Bond Market – which is one of our favorites. But we will have to watch the idiotic activity in Washington, because the US bond market is particularly sensitive to what goes on there.

If you liked the video, tell your friends about it – if you didn’t like tell me. We are considering doing a few more in the future.



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