While visiting with a trader recently, he mentioned that he would be frequently using a laptop computer for trading. He is an airline pilot and often spends time out of town overnight and has days available for trading.

I too have often traded while travelling, especially in my motorhome, where I have a WiFi available at all times via my Smartphone.

There is only two things that I doo not like about the laptop as a trading platform. One is pretty much fixed and not reasonable alternative is available – that is screen size. However, with a newer laptop with the larger screens and a little thought in how the screen is utilized as far as workspace is concerned, the screen size is a rather small drawback.

My second objection is the mouse. Often in trading I need to react quickly to a situation by changing screens or entering an order. The mouse pad on the laptop is a real drawback here. So I always carry an auxiliary mouse for use when trading.

If you trade markets that often move quickly, such as I do, it is worth the effort to have an additional mouse available.

Someday, when if I ever get around to travelling in the motorhome more often, and/or for longer periods of time per trip, I may even get an auxiliary monitor – or even a desktop computer for the motor home.

Traders today have so many things that were not available only a few years ago. Conveniences like the modern PC computer, along with the availability of high speed internet and real time price data at bargain prices make trading both affordable and portable.

I remember when I started trading: I ordered printed price that were delivered weekly, I updated the price on those charts from the newspaper data on a daily basis, I called my broker on the telephone to place all trades, and finally I paid a very high price in commissions for each trade.

Trading today is, to say the least, is faster, less expensive and one hell of a lot more fun!

Phil Elrod

Author & Trader



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