Well, I am finally back at work and into my trading mode and my number one market to watch is the USDJPY pair. The dollar is losing its value and its future is not very bright. BUT the Japanese yen is the uglier sister. I have repeatedly said that the dollar-yen pair is a contest of ugliest – not the prettiest. And the yen is definitely the ugliest in the long run.

But we have to be careful in the short run because the dollar is probably not going to be a favorite for some time due to the FED’s policies. They are still locked into the mode that it is not working because we have not done enough of it. Stupid policies produce stupid results. Stupid ideas are not made smarter by trying them over and over again. I was raised in the country where common sense was valued above book learning, so you have to keep that in mind while reading my comments.

So I am trading the USDJPY pair fairly often when the market pushes the price down. Have done a couple of good trades so far this week and expect to make more in the near future. Most all of my trades will be long – because the Japanese yen is a bug in search of a windshield.





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