The following trading log depicts my own trading between 7:30 and 12:00 January 13, 2014.

All trades were for the E-mini S&P.

The trades are listed in reverse order with the last trade being at the top of the list.

This trading log is intended to show you how I actually trade as described in the previous post.

I quit early today, because I was not feeling really well – and I was pretty upset with myself for missing the biggest trade of the day – which occurred between 11:00 12:00.

Trade Type Fill Price Condition P & L
Sell Market 1825.75 Filled 6
Buy Market 1824.25 Filled If Tch: 1824.00
Sell Market 1829.25 Filled -1
Buy Market 1829.5 Filled
Buy Market 1833.5 Filled 8
Sell Market 1835.5 Filled
Buy Market 1834.75 Filled 3
Sell Market 1835.5 Filled
Buy Market 1834.75 Filled 3
Sell Market 1835.5 Filled
Buy Market 1837 Filled 1
Sell Market 1837.5 Filled
Total 20

I got in a couple of quick long trades as the market bottomed at an SRV and bounced briefly.

One of the long trades showed a small loss of 1 tick.

The first four trades are all short trades.

This is the type of trading I discussed in the previous post – except for missing on the really big move down – still wondering how/why I missed that because I was expecting such a move. Oh, well, still made a few bucks anyway.

The chart I used for trading is shown in Figure 1, below.

Figure 1: E-Mini 2500 Ticks per Bar 1-13-2014


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