The Christmas Holiday season is coming at us and I will not be trading next week. When a holiday like Christmas falls in the middle of the week the markets are usually very thinly traded during that period.

In my opinion, thinly traded markets are riskier markets, and I choose to stand side, I just consider that my holiday season like the fat cats who go to the Hamptons. I was on Long Island in the winter time once. If I was a fat cat, I think that Palm Beach would be more to my taste for a week in December.

So if you continue to trade next week be careful – thinly traded markets can be more unpredictable – and make strange moves – and do so very fast.

I just noticed that third quarter GDP was reported at 4.61% and the markets are going up – and they should – If that number is real. Personally, I am not completely sure that it is real – government numbers are so often cooked these days.

Like I said yesterday, what is real, and what only seems to be, can be difficult to differentiate these days.

I am going to just enjoy the spirit of the seasons. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all!

I will see you next year!


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