Once in awhile I like to remind readers of why I use a strading method called “See the Music of the Market.”

The following chart is of the USDJPY pair for the past week. The chart is plotted at 5000 ticks per bar and the white bars represent the first bar of each trading day.

The horizontal lines were placed on the chart the Sunday afternoon before the trading week began. Watch the price bars as they move along during the week. Notice that virtually all oscillations began or reverse at or very near a horizontal line. I could write a book about how the trader can use this information to trade short-term successfully. In fact, I already have written such a book. Actually two of them!

Having a very good idea where price is most probably going to turn and move in the opposite direction is what short term-term traders long for. It works on ever single security market I have ever tried tot rade.

The secrete to producing those lines is available in my book See the Music of the Market for less than $10.00 and is available from this site under “BOOKS.” The indicator that guides you in creating and using them can be rented for only a few dollars a month from TradeStation. It is called the RMI and is probably the best value in trading tools ever made available. You can pay many times more, but for predicting short term oscillations, I will put my RMI method up against anything, anytime. Order the books from this site. Order the RMI by clicking the link below:


A custom indicator package will all my custom indicators shown above is also available at:



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See the Music of the Market

The unique trading method that is Trading Between the Lines