It is our opinion that everyone lives in multiple worlds:

The world as we perceive it.

The world as we would like it to be.

The world as it really is.

There are probably others, but you get the idea.

Short term traders have to cope with yet another world – the world the market perceives it to be. And that world is sometimes a very strange world – at least for me.

Take today, for instance, the FOMC reporting day. Just about everyone on this earth with a functioning brain pretty much knew what the report would be. Essentially the FOMC said that the status quo will be continued for the time being. Nothing is to change for the foreseeable future.

Now that should have been a calming and reassuring statement, right? NOT! The markets went into a fit of temporary insanity – first dropping violently – then wildly oscillating wildly while drifting lower.

I wonder what the devil markets were expecting?

Is it any wonder that my way to deal with these markets is as an observer – sit on the sidelines until the frantic activity is over. Then start trading again after the dust has settled.

I will never understand the markets world completely – the reaction to these fundamental events is almost impossible to predict.

I just want to be around when things return to normal – whatever that might be.

My system is based on making many small trades – eventually adding up to a nice profit. The wild swings that take place at these pre-scheduled fundamental events are just too hard to predict for my conservative trading method. Best to just sit them out.

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