The political season is already underway. For most of my life the democrats have supplied the color and the republicans have supplied the substance in our national politics at least that is my opinion.

So far this year, the Republicans have provided the most colorful start ever. It is going to be one hell of political season for the next fifteen months. OMG! Did I say fifteen months? When I was a young man there were the conventions in the summer and the campaign in the fall. The conventions are almost a year away. Why all the political activity so soon?

I have a possible answer to that question. But you have to bear with me for a moment or two as I tell you about one of the very first books I ever read. It was titled, The Uncrowned King. Relax I am not going to review the whole book – just tell you the names of its two principal characters,. They were both princes, and their names were, “Really-Is” and “Seems-To-Be.”

Now my audience is not a large group and you are all intelligent so I don’t think I need to go any further about what the book is all about.

But what has that got to do our politics today, here in the US?

I bet most of you know already. We desperately need new leadership in this country. If we do not select the correct captain pretty soon, our ship of state will surely be lost in the treacherous waters we are already entering.

And we will have to look at each candidates and decide who is the most capable leader for the job that must be done; Really-Is or Seems-To-Be.

As in my little book from long ago; making the correct choice can be difficult.

To help you I will provide a few of my political proverbs:

Politicians fear change like Yellowstone hikers fear Grizzly bears.

If you are doing something that is not working, doing more of it won’t help.

There is no such thing as a free lunch – somebody always has to pay for it.


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