Perhaps the most used cliché in securities  trading is “The trend is your friend.”


Okay, I agree with that. But there are many trends – each time frame has its trend. As with friends, you must select your trends carefully if you expect to be a profitable trader.


I don’t remember the C&W song name, but the lyrics contained a phrase, which I have always remembered: “We’ll be friends ‘til the end, but this looks like the end, my friend.”


Most folks I know don’t have a large number of friends that they can rely on at all times. So we have to pick our friends carefully. The same with our trends when trading.


I trade using only three charts, but I have two more available for quick reference. It is sort of like three close friends for day to day consultation, but two others in case the three don’t always agree.


One last thing about friends and trends; they both can give us advice, but it is always up to us to decide whether or not to follow that advice.


Anybody who has ever tried, knows that securities trading isn’t easy. But knowing how to pick the best trends is an important step to profitable treading..


You can learn all about how I do it in my book, See the Music of the Market.


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