Our method of short term trading is based in large part on our ability to SEE THE MUSIC OF THE MARKET.” That is why we wrote a very detailed book on the subject.

That eBook is available at www.tradingbetweenthelines.com.

Let me give you an example of what we mean.

Examine the following two charts of the E-Mini.

Figure 1 E-Mini 30,000 ticks per bar

Figure 2 E-Mini 3000 ticks per bar

Both charts were captured at about the same time of day.

Note the chart shown in Figure 1:

It is obvious that price is moving up and down, but there are only four distinct multi-bar oscillations to be seen. Our Stochastic alert, the green dot on the 9:20 bar denotes a good long entry point. An even better entry could have been made at the 8:48 bar for a short trade. There was another long trade possibility at the 10.42 bar and another short possible at the 11:01 bar. I would have been very happy to have been in on all three of these trades.

But let’s look at the second chart, shown in Figure 2. Here we are looking at the E-Mini displayed at 3000 ticks per bar. This chart is ten times faster that the chart shown in Figure 1.

Note the following bout the chart shown in Figure 2:

Each green arrow denotes the beginning of a oscillation sufficiently large enough to offer a short trading opportunity. Each yellow arrow denotes the beginning of an oscillation sufficiently large enough to offer a long trade opportunity.

The 3000 tick per bar chart offers 9 short trading opportunities and 10 short trading opportunities. That is about 5 times as many possible trades as the chart in Figure 1.

But the most important thing, in my opinion, is this: The music of the market is easier to see in the chart shown in Figure 2. The oscillations are more distinct and well defined.

Also bear in mind that both charts were captured near midday – so there are still several hours of trading left in the day.

When you adjust your time frame to SEE THE MUSIC OF THE MARKET at its best you are very likely to find more potential short term intra-day trades.


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