When someone asks what I do I always say I trade securities. Some want to know more, so I add that I am a short term trader of futures and FOREX.

The next question is usually about what is “short term trading”.

Over the years, I have given many different answers but lately I have pretty much settled on, “It is a state of mind”.

Elaborating, I say “short term traders’ don’t really care where the market they trade is going, we only want to take a brief ride in one directions of the other”.

Our intent is to make small safe gains frequently – staying out of the market overnight and when it is spooked by some fundamental event.

I do not like the term day trader – primarily because it was coined to describe traders who traded stocks intra-day. Remember the SEOS bandits of several years back. Ultimately most of them lost money – only the brokers made money on their frenetic trading activity.

I believe a good short term trading system combines the best combination of profit potential and safety available to the trader – particularly considering the highly nervous state of the markets these days.

The only down side is that it is not easy – there is no appeal to the lazy or those wanting to get rich quick.

With the right attitude and a good trading system the short term trader can have fun and make a profit at the same time.

We like that.

Try our TBL system of short term trading – you may like it as well.


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