Some Crypto Trading Tips

Money:  It cost pretty much the same to wire $100.00 as it does to wire $1,000.00 or more – so plan on sending most of your deposit in one wire. Some exchanges (Like Coinbase) allow you to use a credit card – probably better for small amounts.

Trading: Probably best to create a position in small steps. The volatility of these markets is so high that averaging you entry price over several trades makes sense.

When you have had a gain of 100% or more, consider taking your original investment out – that way you are playing the game with house money.

If your exchange permits – use limit orders. That way you can take advantage of dips that occur when you are not watching the market. That is the way I had to establish my ripple position – the market was moving up and down as much as 50% in one day!

Watch the market you want to trade for opportunities to get in on a down oscillation. All markets oscillate – even when trending up, if you watch, you can buy on a dip. I just got a fill on 100 XRP at $2.00 in the overnight market. Price was already back up above $2.50 by the time I got up.

Be careful – you are participating in a wild-ass market!





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