Growing up in NE Alabama, the nearest beach was more than 200 miles away – and that beach was on the Gulf of Mexico – not well known as a surfing destination.

But those Hollywood movies showing the beefy guys surfing and the gorgeous girls drooling over them on the beach made me want to be a surfer. I envisioned the thrill of riding the tunnel for those few moments of exhilaration – it must have been fantastic.

Well, alas, I never got to be a golden tanned surfer the gals wanted to chase. But I did wind up being a short term securities trader. Perhaps that is a small consolation prize, but there are some similarities between surfing and short term trading.

First of all, both are seeking a wave to ride.

And the sooner a potential wave is recognized, the more likely we will be able to get on at the right time.

Our rides are usually pretty sort in time – even when ridden the full course of the wave.

And one needs to know when they are on a bad wave and get off as soon as possible.

It takes a lot of work to get to the right place at the right time, so we have to act decisively when opportunity presents itself.

There are only so many waves available in any time span so we must avoid wasting time and effort on waves that have poor potential to give us a good ride.

Finally, while riding a wave we must be alert for unexpected dangers that could disrupt our ride – and possible do us considerable harm.

The surfer watches the waves of the ocean knowing that not all waves are equal, but with intelligence and patience a potential winning wave will come along.

The trader watches the waves of price oscillations in the market in exactly the same manner and for exactly the same reason.

So with Patience and Intelligence a surfer will wait while preparing to act Quickly because they Understand that the right wave will Eventually come along.

So does the short term trader – does that P-I-Q-U-E your interest?

If so, maybe short term trading is for you?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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