QE, or “Quantitative Easing” according to Bernake and company could also be called – and, in our opinion, should be called – “Queer Economics”. It is based on the belief that printing more money can make you richer. It has been tried by numerous other nations in the past – and each and every time it has failed. However, the current batch of economic geniuses in charge or our financial future are convinced that the reason it failed before was that they just did not do enough of it. Please pardon my skepticism but I was born and raised in the country where common sense trumped a PhD. We had an adage or two to describe such situations:

“Sure, we will lose money on each unit sold, but we will make it up in volume”.

“Doing something wrong twice does not make it right”.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The free market system is far from perfect, but it is by far the best system in the long run. At any given moment it can be very unfair to some but in the long run it is fairer to all than any other system mankind has ever come up with. Government intervention makes bad matters worse.


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