We just posted on YouTube our latest video, Chapter 4, in our series of 4 chapters describing our eBook See the Music of the Market.

In the video we described a real time trade in the E-Mini. The trade, which lasted for one hour, did not go exactly as planned – but still netted a very acceptable profit of 15 ticks, or $182.50.

If you watch the video and then the rest of the trading day you can see that another – even more profitable trde could have been made following the TVBL system.

There are lots of trading systems out there – every guy and his brother has one. I have spent more than 25 years trading – working in the technical area of trading software – and I have never seen anything that is better than TBL for identifying short term trending opportunities.

You can get the full scoop on TBL from our eBook, See the Music of the Market – or you can keep on looking for the holy grail of trading.

In either case, we wish you success in your efforts.


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See the Music of the Market

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