Another mass shooting and the anti-gun lobby will be out in force to further restrict the average American’s access to fire arms.

Being a Texan, I view my second amendment rights religiously.

Okay, I will admit that a lunatic got a gun and killed people – but am I the only one that noted that a police officer – using a gun – took out the lunatic.

It is not guns that kill people – it is people who kill other people. Guns in the hands of police – and law abiding citizens – help protect us to the extent possible.

There have always been lunatics – probably always will be – and you can’t pass a law against being a lunatic.

Well, I guess you could, but it would be an act of lunacy itself. It is not possible to have a free society and a perfectly safe society. I, for one, prefer a free society with some risk.

Risk is inherent in life – and of course risk is a big part of trading. Traders learn to manage risk inherent in trading.

It is each individual’s responsibility to manage the risks inherent in living in a free society.


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