One reader recently commented that “it takes too much work to create all those SRV lines on the charts”.

My first reaction is simply to say, if you are so lazy that you are not willing to do about fifteen minutes of work to prepare to trade a market, then you probably should not bother trying to trade at all. Trading requires work to be successful.

My second reaction is, SRVs are critical to understanding price oscillations – and price oscillations are the means a short term trader uses to make profitable trades.

Price oscillations are the result of the ongoing battle between the bears and the bulls – the psychological tug of war that moves price up and down as it moves forward in time. The SRVs (support and resistance values for new readers) are those horizontal lines that are place on a chart at the beginning of the work week. They are our guide to the likely action price will take as in approaches those lines. The more accurately a trader can place the SRV lines, the more accurately they can predict probable price action.

The TBL method of placing SRVs is unique and produces the most accurate SRVs we have ever seen. After many years of using the TBL method I still marvel at the accuracy of the SRVs. It is hard to believe until you see it in action.

To short term trade effectively a trader must understand the nature price oscillations. SRVs are critical to that understanding. Try TBL and see what I mean.


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