When price approaches an SRV in can only do one of three things:

1. Break through and keep moving in the same direction.

2. Hit the SRV and reverse direction.

3. Stall around the SRV for a period of time.

Two of the three scenarios may offer potential trading opportunities:

1. An opportunity to get into a strong move in the current trade direction.

2. An opportunity to get in as price reverses direction.

In the case of 3, we prefer to stay out of the market until price decides which way it will eventually move.

Not all SRVs offer such trading opportunities – so a good trading system must have the capability to predict with reasonable accuracy which SRVs are likely to affect price in one of the above ways.

I have been trading securities for more than 25 years – and worked in the charting software industry as a technical support specialist for several years as well. I have talked with traders – large and small – from all over the world. I have never seen a better method of selecting potential short term trades than that of TBL.

If you like to make your own decisions about trading – as opposed to using some black box system – you should look at TBL. It could possibly make you a better trader.

TBL is fully described in the eBook, See the Music Of the Market which is available fromwww.tradingbetweenthelines.com.


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See the Music of the Market

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