I am convinced that concentrating on a single market is best for most traders – particularly futures and possibly FOREX.

Like the old adage, it is best to be a master of something rather than a jack of all trades.

I attended a TradeStation seminar today and it was fun, but I could not help but notice that the presenters talked about so many different types of markets – futures, stocks, FOREX and options. How can one trader ever become an expert in all of those?

And do you have to become an expert in a market to trde it profitably? Maybe, yes, maybe no, but you will likely be much better at trading a market than you know a lot about.

After many years of trading many different markets, I am convinced that it is better to be a master of one market. Most futures markets can provide a trader with a very good profit when traded regularly with a good system. Jacks of all trades may have more to talk about at happy hour, but the master of one market is more likely to have the money (profits) to buy the next round!

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