The markets I trade have been really tough today – unusually hard to predict the next move. That left me time to think about a lot of things – and that can lead to anything from euphoria to melancholy – depending on the particular tangent I tend to take at the time.

Growing up in the country, as I did, one was besieged with old “adages”. One of the most common was, “ignorance is bliss”. As a youngster, being a rational thinker, I could not really understand the reasoning. After all, education was stressed to the extreme – at least in my family. I could not imagine ever finding happiness without a college education under my belt. How could ignorance possibly bring bliss?

I am much older now – whether I am wiser or not may be questionable, but I truly think that time enables one to see things more clearly.

Take the term “ignorance is bliss”, for example.

I look around me today and it is perplexing that so many people seem to be blissfully happy – in spite of the fact the world is rapidly going to financial hell in a way that may be impossible to stop. We are burying ourselves in a mountain of debt and debasing the almighty US dollar at an alarming rate – yet we waltz along – seemingly happy s lark. I wonder how that can be – and then I remember the old adage – “ignorance is bliss”.

Damn, I wish I knew how “not to know” what little bit “I know” about the weird world we live in.

At least I have my philosophy of life to lean on:

“Hope for the best, expect the worst and be prepared to handle whatever happens.”

Now is that not a good reason to be a short term trader?


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