The great thing about out trading system is that it is visual – so a trade can be “seen” and acted upon very quickly. This is important in short term trading. Market volatility often picks up at the very time we are interested in entering a trade – at turning points of a price oscillation.

We strongly suspect this volatility change at turning points is the result of a great number of computer trading programs – so many of which are oriented to being on the side of current trend. When price reverses, trend soon reverses – at least the trend in some time frame.

In this short video we are going to give you a clue as to how we “see a trade”. Actually it is pretty simple – there is a pattern of a minimally acceptable trade pre-formed in our minds eye. And we are projecting that pattern onto the chart as we watch price move to a point that price direction may be about to change.

When price reaches a point at which it is likely to reverse direction AND our minimal trade vision indicates a potentially profitable trade is likely, we are ready to enter the market.

So it is all about two things:

1. Developing the mind’s eye picture of the minimally acceptable trade.

2. Identifying the situation in which price is about to change.

Our next video will give you an introduction to how we do both. So stay tuned to this Blog and be one of the first to see First See the Music – Then See the Trade.


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