The project, a novel no less, is finally finished. I have long wanted to take the time to finish a novel that has been in the works for some time. I have written numerous technical manuals and a great many articles for magazines, but never tackled anything that was as difficult as writing a work of fiction.

The title of the book is MYLEA. It is a story of an advanced civilization’s desperate attempt to save themselves from an impending cosmic disaster. Their audacious plan and epic journey ran into an unforeseen problem and the only available solution appears to be here, on Earth. A Rhodes Scholar, a mysterious old man and a supercomputer play a game of “who do you trust” in a fast paced story with lots of little twist and turns.

For those that are interested it is available in the Kindle format at:

Just copy the above link into your browser and it should take you to the correct page.

It is good to be back at the trading desk. The E-Mini has been making some really nice moves lately and I am anxious to get in on some of them as soon as possible.


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