Not only did I miss out for a time while recovering from surgery, but during that time TradeStation, which I use for chart analysis and trade execution decided to get out of FOREX trading completely and transferred (sold?) that portion of their business to Oanda. So I am now required to learn to navigate a new order entry system. It is apparently easy to use, but anything – and I mean anything – that disturbs a trader’s routine is not good. Most traders I know are set in their routine – and the faster their trading pace is the more set they become.

When you trade a fast moving market – and using a relatively short-term time frame chart – distractions can be costly. A second or two can subtract from profits – and even worse can add to losses. So most people who trade as I do – that is often and in fast markets – have their routine down to the split second in execution time. Learning something different naturally tends to slow that for a time until it has been ingrained into the routine.

So I have slowed down these last few weeks and haven’t had a lot to say about trading or anything else for that matter. But I am healing and learning and will back in the saddle very soon. So please come back from time to time and join us as we have great fun and make a little money in the FOREX markets.





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