I am sitting out of the currency market this week and observing. Something big may happen – or not. The Brits may vote to leave the EU – or not. And if they do choose to leave – then what?

Lotta questions – very few answers. I do not know – and I think that I belong to a very large majority in that regard. From where I sit it could go either way. I can see why the Brits want out of the EU. Europe is a mess – and it looks like it will get worse before it gets better – if it can ever get better. But there are a lot of questions about the cost of leaving the EU. Truth is no one knows for sure – it has never been done before, so there is not a comparable to assess.

So the markets are like a cat on a hot tin roof – and that is a good time to be an observer. I know that a lot of money is about to change hands – and quickly. But I don’t have a reasonably reliable clue as to what is going to happen so I am going to just sit on the side and wait – there will be ample opportunity to make some money as the dust settles and one can see where the market may be heading next.

Next week should be very interesting.




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