I lifted the following from Ed Steer’s Newsletter today, because he states my personal feelings so perfectly.

“I must admit that I’m looking at the situation regarding Syria with growing concern. It doesn’t appear that the U.S. will be stopped in its attempt to extract its pound out of that little country, congressional approval notwithstanding. I have the fear that there is something deeper and darker buried in all of this, and I’m not talking about Iran, I’m thinking in terms of blow back, either real, or premeditated.

But maybe I’m looking for black bears in dark rooms that aren’t there. I sure hope that’s the case, but I can’t shake the feeling that something more sinister is lurking unseen. I hope I’m wrong.”

I would add one last comment, from myself: What if the Assad regime did not do the gassing. Russia has released a report saying the shell that fired the sarin gas was not of the Syrian military type.

I also think that the “rebels” in Syria are a varied group with different agendas – few of which would likely hesitate to gas anyone for their own ends. I doubt that any one group – or the lot of them together – represent a friend to us.

I am not a fan of Assad – but taking sides in this situation seems like the frying pan or the fire – neither is desirable.

I think we (the USA) need to stay the hell out of the mess that is Syria – an act of inhumanity is not erased by performing another act of inhumanity


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