I received some criticism about my commentary about the US planning an attack on Syria. Mostly that the topic was not appropriate for a Blog devoted to short term trading.

Obviously, I disagree. Trading securities, whether short term or long term are affected by the psychology of the market participants – in fact that is what the market is all about – price fluctuations are the result of the varying psychological mood of the market participants. And government policy is a big factor in the psychology of the market.

The world financial situation is in such a mess at the current time that the markets are already like a herd of spooked cattle – just waiting for the next event to send them scurrying in God knows what direction. Government actions – such as starting a war (even a so called limited one) certainly adds to the tension already existing. I think that a commentary about such matters is not only appropriate – but mandatory.

One of the problems we face in the US today is the apathy of the population. The government is going things with a high degree of regularity that should be questioned by the people – and particularly by the press – and it is not happening. Americans are being let into an uncertain future by leaders of questionable ability. I am just one little worm, but I am going to question what the government does and I encourage you to do the same.

An appropriate topic for a trading blog is whatever may affect a market – and government actions are front and center in that respect!


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