Everyone loves a sure thing – and that’s a bad thing. I will not go so far as to say that sure things never pop up. But I will adamantly maintain that they are very few and far between.

Starting with birth – which has so many probabilities associated with it that it seems miraculous that as many of us get it done with relatively few glitches. And from that point on life is just one probability after another.

Yet human nature craves a sure thing. It is this craving that fuels the con man’s quest to fleece those poor souls that are so gullible.

Short term traders (actually all traders) soon learn that trading holds no sure things. There are high probabilities that a trade may be profitable, low probabilities that a trade may be profitable – and all kinds of probabilities in between. But there are no sure things in securities trading – especially in short term trading.

Every trade we make has a degree of probability of success – our ultimate success lies in selecting those trades that have an acceptable probability of success.

That is what TBL is all about. We strive to select those trades that have a probability of success of at least 50% – and a reward to risk of at least two to one.

If we diligently follow our system and maintain that minimal level of performance we can ultimately make money being right only half the time – simply because we will win more when we win than we lose when we lose.

And any improvement above that minimal level of performance really starts to pay off in better profits

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