I haven’t posted anything in a while beaseu I usually do not trade much during the holiday season – from Thanksgiving until after the new year. The reason is volume drops off on so many of the markets that I love to trade. Low volume makes the markets harder to trade because the spreads can get larger and the volatility can be greater.

I have been unusually slow to get started this year. Could be I am just getting old and tired, but the real reason is that I am an anomaly. I am a macro thinker but a short term trader. Sometimes that presents problems because the macro picture is so out of whack in many markets. I have been trying to reconcile in my mind what the hell is going to happen next. The stock market has been going up, in my opinion, on dreams of prosperity, while prosperity itself seems to be always just beyond reach.

Statistics are so massaged and manipulated these days that I don’t trust them very much. My general feeling is that things are not really all that great. Not especially bad, just not all that great. The FED is printing money at an alarming rate. They say, whoever they are, that it will not cause a problem in the future. But common sense suggests otherwise. The mountain of debt being piled up all over the world will surely have consequences – serious consequences.

However, none of it makes a damn to a trader like me if they (make that me) simply follows the rules of short term trading. So I am going to get in front of the mirror and lecture the hell out of myself. Then get my lazy ass to work.

It is just always in the back of my mind that my kids and grandkids are going to be the ones to truly pay the price for the financial irresponsibility of our generation. All debt comes due sooner or later – and there will be consequences.


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