Due to various other commitments I have restricted my recent trading activity to FOREX markets. Part of the reason is that the other markets are increasingly hard to understand. I am not exactly a conspiracy theorist but I cannot help but wonder about many markets these days. It appears that conventional forces that are supposed to move markets are no longer reliable. The word manipulation is often heard.

Of Course, the FOREX markets are not immune from manipulation, especially by central banks. However the FOREX markets are so huge that even central banks cannot necessarily have their way, at least for an extended period of time.
Markets today seem to me to be more like “ugliest contests” rather than “beauty contests.” I suppose it is just me, perhaps because of the manner in which I was raised, but, “ugliest” is much harder for me to judge.
A beauty contest presents one with the opportunity to observe the fine details of beauty. I have no trouble doing that. But studying the finer details of ugly is not very much fun and I will likely never be good at it, no matter how hard I try.

Where have the good old days gone?


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