The Dow has been bouncing like a super ball. Crude Oil is heading down and no-one seems to know where the bottom might be.

The FOREX markets have been making moves in a day that usually take a week or more.

It appears that we are off to the races. The question is where are we going? Predicting the future is always a bit iffy. Predicting 2016 is just about as iffy as they come. There is wide disagreement from the talking heads and typing hands – and no wonder. We are in places we have never been before – and likely are headed to placed we have never been before as well..

If there ever was a time to become a short-time trader, ladies and gentlemen, in my humble opinion, this is it!

I trade for a while during the day – and then sleep at night.

If you have never tried it, this may be the time to do so.


The above chart contains every indicator I use to trade. The only proprietary indicators are plotted over the price bars. I use my RMI, the yellow and blue oscillators plotted over the price bars, to create the horizontal lines – future support and resistance levels. I also use the RMI to tell me the most probable near term price direction.

It looks complicated, but for those who use my RMI and custom indicators ($8.00 a month) I give for free a 250 plus page E-book, See the Music of the Market, which explains it all. It looks complicated, but it is relatively easy. But it is a bit of work – so if you are lazy you probably won’t like it.

On the other hand if you are not lazy and want to REALLY learn how to trade short-term, you might like it.

And those horizontal lines – if you can’t see how having them available before the trading week even began is helpful – well, you might not want to be a short term trader after all.



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